Meeting at Mike Hodges'

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Meeting at Mike Hodges'

Post  AllusCats on Tue Jun 07, 2011 1:59 pm

The year was 1972, late were rehearsing at Hodges' house, south of Fairfield, Ohio. We (Dave Laycock...drummer and I...B-3) "stopped by" before returning to northern Ohio, where we'd been playing for a while. You took a break for it but, before you stopped playing I got a chance to hear some really strong music for about 5 minutes when we first arrived. It was clear to me that you were/are a serious musician...a great guitarist. I live in Brookville and still write/play/record (and still on a Hammond/ toys). Google Allus Cats and'll hear some songs you'll like...they're our's. New songs/songwriters are everywhere but, these, I think you'd agree are compositionally, strong ones...and they're very'd have to listen to know...but, you'd know.

Paul Yuellig

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